Using the Web to Learn

Learning English on the web

Learning English on the web

Dear Students,

We know many people are using the internet nowadays to improve their English. How about you? Do you do that? In what ways do you use the world wide web to work on your language skills? I would love to read your comments on that.



  1. Les

    Hi, I don’t learn English on the web per se… I can speak it fluently (native speaker). But I have a web page for learners to come to practice listening on the web. I can tell you that lots of people are learning English on the internet. I am getting about 90 visotors daily now, and that number is growing.
    I offer intensive listening for students to acquire new vocabulary, and I about 20% of my visitors return again and again.
    I hope this starts to help answer your question.

  2. Hello Les,
    Thanks alot for your comment. This is very good feedback on my quesiton. It does seem that there is a growing number of people using the web to learn English.
    I visited your page and it looks really interesting.
    Thanks again for your comment.

  3. Janete

    I use the internet a lot, but I don’t use to study English.

  4. Diego

    The World Wide Web helps to find a lot of information in an easier way.

  5. Pam

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