Hopes and Ambitions


We have been talking about hopes and ambitions for some time. I would like to tell me what ambitions you have. What would like to do in the near or distant future? Is there anything you are looking forward to happening in your life? Are you thinking of doing anything special? Please, post your thoughts and opinions.



  1. Gabriella Queiroz

    I would like to be an enginer, have a husband, bring up my childrens and be happy with them.

    Jose Antonio Aug 14th 2007 at 10:00 am
    Hi Gabriella,
    Very nice. I think being an engineer is very good. I am not good at math, but I think engineering might be a fascination course. Your other ambitions also sound so nice. I think they tell people that you want to lead an ordinary happy life.
    thanks for sharing

  2. Rogério Magalhães Nunes

    My ambitions are to bring up my children for having a good life in the future. I think they like studying a lot and they have oportunities for traveling a lot. If I stay my life and may conditions the same now for me is good.
    José Antônio Aug 14th 2007 at 10:05 am
    Hi Rogério,
    You ambitions are very noble. It is good to have a family and care about it. You are sure doing the best a father can do for his family. Congratulations
    Thanks for your comments

  3. Elisangela Pinheiro

    I would like to be a good nutricionist and work helping and caring people. I would like to speak about God’s love to everybody than I meet. I would like to give a good education to my son. I would like to be more time with my husband and my son. I would like to travel abroad with them and meet other people and cultures. Make good friends.
    José Antônio Aug 14th 2007 at 10:10 am
    Dear Elisangela,
    Being a nutricionist is very good career for someone to have. Nowadays it is a job that has become so vital, especially because it allows you to take of people, as you said. Speaking about God’s love is also a very good think and it can make a difference in peoples lives.
    Spending more time with our families is also a desire that most of us share, but we always get to busy and always feel we do not have enough time for those we love.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Edinamar Bertuol

    I would like to be a very important psychologist, because I like talking about the problems in the people life and problems around the world.
    José Antônio Aug 14th 2007 at 10:15 am
    Dear Edinamar,
    Well, as you know, I love psychology and being a psychologist is sure a rewarding career. Helping people with their problems is a very noble thing to do.
    Thanks for your comments

  5. maura gontijo

    I would like to have more time. I would like to travell more and new get to know cultures, people and foods. I would like to stay in the farm because it is very calm. I love staying with my family and relax.
    We are going build a new house near the houses of my children.
    José Antônio Aug 14th 2007 at 10:18 am
    Hi Maura,
    You are right. Having more time is one the ambitions most of us have. I would also like to have more time and travel more, but I also get too busy with work and other things. Life sure is too shor to do all we want. I grew up in a farm and love them.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Every people has ambitions of growing up in life, and I have my ambitions, I want a good job, great and confortable life, for I know the world, I would like to travel around the world, give a great life for my future wife and my future boys….
    José Antônio Aug 14th 2007 at 10:25 am
    Hi Laurício,
    It is nice to see you have great plans for your life. You are right when you say everyone has ambitions. I think our ambitions are what keep us alive. Traveling around tthe world is an ambitions I also have. I hope all of your dreams come true.
    Thanks for your comments

  7. doramélia

    I want to do many important things for other persons like helping them about their health and their educacion.
    José Antônio Aug 14th 2007 at 10:33 am
    Hi Doramélia,
    This a noble ambition. I also like helping people and I would help more if I could. Education and health sure are things that people in our country need to be helped with.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Jose Carlos Quinaglia

    I would like to speak about my ambitions. I am 55 old and I will finish my pos graduation in UnB this year. In the next year I intend to build a litlle hospital. I and my collegues are thinking of buying an old building and making a new hospital to attend one hundred people a day in specialization clinic and surgeries. In 2009 my son will come to Brasilia to help me in my ambition, because he will finish his course of cardiology in São Paulo.
    José Antônio Aug 14th 2007 at 10:35 am
    Hi José Carlos,
    It was so nice reading about our plans. You do have soem very clear plans for your future. New hospitals and people like you that like studying is something we need in Brazil. One hundred people a day is certainly a good number of people. I am sure people in Brasília will be glad to have one more hospital.
    Thanks for sharing

  9. sabbath

    good ambitions , I applaude you !

  10. huynh vu linh

    tôi hy vong tôi sẻ tốt nghiệp đại học đươc loại giỏi và có một công việc ổn định trong tương lai với mực thu nhạp cao ngoài ra tôi hy vọng sẻ có được một người thật lòng yêu mình

  11. yes!

    it was so nice reading about our plans, you do have very clear plans for your future. now i would like to speak about my ambitions.i’m 17 years of age,taking up bachelor of science in accounting technology.like to finish my studies so that i can help people and my family. . . i respectfully say please pray for me so that i can finish my study.

  12. Hello Faris,
    You also have clear plans for your future. Congratulations for having already achieved so much. Accounting technology sounds like an interesting major. I love technology. I am sure you are going to love your career. I am sure you will be successful in your endeavors to finish your course and help your family (and much more than that). I will be praying for you.

  13. Tsareva

    I would like to have own house, good husbent and two children. I would like to travell around the world – see different cultures, eat different foods. Also I want calm and interesting job,where I can realize my potential.

    Hello Tsareva,

    Your ambitions are all very relevant for anyone. I think that having our own house really makes us feel a sense of achievement. I would also love to travel around the world.
    Sorry for the late reply and thanks a lot for posting

    Jose Antonio

  14. Meiyrbek

    Hello! Thank you for your forum! It’s a very interesting theme for me! I have a lot of ambitions! 🙂
    First, I want to find a highly paid job! Then, when I earn a lot of money I want to open my own bussiness in the sphere of property! I think it is real! Because, in my city property is very expensive! And this is my first step for the financial independence!!!
    I hope that my plans and ambitions will come true!

    Hello Meiyrbek,

    Thanks a lot for your comment. I am glad you liked the theme. My students loved it, too. A highly paid job is everyone´s dream. I hope you get it and consequently your indenpendence.
    I also hope your dreams will come true.

    José Antônio

  15. Evgeny

    Hi José Antônio,
    My ambitions are to start a laboratory of genetic engineering and to build a corporation of implantant producing.
    Thak you,

    Hello Evgeny,

    Thanks for your comment. Wow! Genetic engineering! You must be really smart. I wish I knew something about genetic engineering. I hope your dream come true.

    All the best
    Jose Antonio

  16. Jose Gonzalez

    hey, my name is jose Carlos Gonzalez and my ambitions and hopes is be a good doctor, learn english and i want have a good life whit my family and friends.

    Hello Jose Carlos,

    So, you want to be a good doctor. I think doctors are very important professionals. It is great you are already learning English.
    I hope all your dreams come true.

    All the best

    José Antônio

  17. Florecita

    Hello classmates my name is Flor de Maria, my hopes and ambition is to be director of a department of computer science, graduate the system engineer, I love my job, other ambitions and hopes is to have a gym and married with my boyfriend in the 2012.

    Hello Flor de Maria,

    What a nice name you have! I like your goal of being the director of a department. I think a gym is a very lucrative business. People are always exercising and so you will probably make a lot of money.

    I hope all your dreams come true.
    José Antônio

  18. Gerson Lopez

    hi…!!! I am Gerson. I have many ambitions in my life. one these is be urban planner for create proyects of ORDENAMIENTO TERRITORIAL to Guatemala. (I don’t know translation of O.P.) but this is one to my ambitions.

    Hello Gerson,

    It is great to have ambitions. I also have lots of them. An urban planner is certainly a very vital professional. We also need more urban planners in Brasilia.

    All the best

    José Antônio

  19. Milvia Velásquez

    My major ambitions are to finish my career, to get a better job, and have a good economy. One of my biggest dreams is to travel to Europe and know the cities by train


    Hi Milvia,

    Thanks for your comment. I would also love to travel around Europe by train. I hope you and can realize our traveling dream.

    All the best

    José Antônio

  20. Maynor Arias

    Hello, My name is Maynor, and my hopes and ambitions is to be a Financial Manager and to get my masters in Finance. My wish is to have two son and help them in the future. I want to travel to Europe to attend “Le Tour de France”.


    Hello Mynor,

    Wow! A financial manager! You must be really good at math. I am terrible at math.
    I hope your dreams come true.

    José Antônio

  21. Danilo Polanco

    Hello, my major ambitions is to be Financial Manager and to get my master Financial, too learn English, speak and convertation with liberty.

    Hi Danilo,

    You have great plans. Speaking will sure give you some freedom and allow you to meet lots of people.
    All the best
    Jose Antonio

  22. Hello every body, this year one of my objectives is finish the university and starts in a job of my carrier. This year I want to buy me a new a car and a computer to my little brother Angel and travel to Chile and Argentina. My boyfriend Edgar and me will marry next year. We want had two children, a boy and girl. Our dream is start our on business and work together for our family. Today, I am study and work very hard to my hopes and ambitions will come true.

    Mr. O, Begginers 4, UMG.

    Hi Monica,
    Wow! You do have great plans. I see that 2011 will be a year of great changes and achievements in your life. Congratulations for your graduation and marriage.

    All the best
    Jose Antonio

  23. Pablo Bravo

    Hi, three of my greatest ambitions are to go with my girlfriend to study a Masters in Spain, buy land and build my own home as I imagine it, also create a foundation or support a foundation to help sick people.

    Hello Pablo,
    Great ambitions. I especially like your intention of helping sick people in the future. This is very noble.

    Thanks for your comment

    José Antônio

  24. Ervin Zaldaña

    Hello, my greatest ambition in life is to finish my career in industrial engineering and have a good job and then being an entrepreneur, and traveling to different cities in the world.

    Hi Ervin,

    Industrial engineering sounds like a great career. Here in Brazil, our minister of education has advised our youth to become engineers. Our country is growing and we need engineers.

    I hope your dreams come true

    Jose Antonio

  25. Rodolfo Reyes

    My name is Rodolfo Reyes, and my ambition is to finish my English classes and graduate from master in financial.

  26. Hello Rodolfo,

    Good sound ambitions. Hope your dreams come true.

    All the best

    Jose Antonio

  27. Ana Gabriela Archila González

    Some of the many ambitions I have are: to close my carrer on Business Administration this year, then study a masters degree and start my own business, to get married, have three children and live witn them forever, travel with my husband and children to France, Peru, Argentina and Israel.

  28. Hello Ana

    It is always time to start something new. Good luck on you master´s degree and your plans for getting married.

    All the best
    José Antonio

  29. RS

    My name is RS and my ambition is learn English, to finish my English class and study a master in financial.

    Dear RS,

    You sure have a short name (it is a nickname). Some of my online friends call me JA. Your ambitions are pretty nice and I am sure you will be happy when you finally achieve your goal.

    Good Luck

    Jose Antonio

  30. Ana Elizabeth Vásquez CIfuentes CARNET 032 06 3260

    Hello Dear Teacher Oscar Garcia.
    I have many ambitions in my life, one of them is that i want to graduate in Mariano Galvez of auditor, i want too travel around the world, o want too work in a big firm of auditors and some day be the director of this firm, or have my own company, i want too learn to play the guittar and battery, because i like so much the music, and in the future i want to marriage and have a family but now it’s not my priority because i want to study so much to be a good professional.

    Dear Ana,

    You seem to be dedicated student and Mr. Oscar is probably proud of you. You wrote quite a lot about your ambitions. I really like it when my students are creative in their writing. Being as dedicated as you are, I am sure you will achieve your goals. You will work and also have a lot of fun realizing your dreams.
    Good luck

    Jose Antonio


    Hello I am Luis Martinez! One of the main ambitions of my life is to manage to graduate me like Architect, to help country and to compensate to my parents by all their love, understanding and aid that have offered me until nowadays, I hope to have very well raised my goals to future and in God to be able to obtain all visions, ambitions and hopes of my heart.

    Dear Luiz,

    Being an architect is a nice ambition. I would love to be an architect. However, I am very bad at math and drawing. So, I became a psychologist and later an English teacher. Architects are important professionals and sure help their countries designing houses and other important buildings.

    Good luck
    Jose Antonio

  32. tavoabc

    Hello my dear friends, my name is Tavo my hope is someday graduate Industrial Engineer and can set up a company in which I can put to direct and other branches. my ambition is to retire at age 50 so you can travel and visit other countries and cultures.


    Hi Tavo,

    You have great plans for your future. Having your own business will sure make you very happy and prosperous.

    Good luck

    Jose Antonio

  33. Hell Friends, My hopes and ambitions are: one day I want to travel around the world, visiting every country, and learn about their cultures and beliefs, I think it would be a wonderful experience.

  34. Oscar Garcia

    I See some of you people have posted your comments great i got you names you got you points!

    Dear Mr. Garcia,

    I am glad this post is being helpful for your class. I always try to reply each post when I have some time.

    All the best

    Jose Antonio

  35. David Gonzalez

    I want to become the manager of Pricing Transfer. I want to travel around the word teaching about Pricing Transfer. I want to get back to Guatemala only to give advice. I want to write a book about it.

    Beginner 4.


    Hello David,

    A manager of Pricing Transfer! Interesting. I am wodering if that is the name of a company or a post in a company. It sounds interesting and important.

    Good luck

    Jose Antonio

  36. Hello people. I will be an executive of marketing. I love it, it’s my passion. So I want to have my own signature of marketing consulting. I want to do new things in Guatemala. I’m looking forward to study Marketing and Publicity in United States. Also I would like to have a family. I want to have two kids, no more hahaha and I would like to live in San Lucas, in a big house with a big yard. For last, but not less important I’d like to be together with my family.


    Dear Edwin,

    You said you have a passion for marketing. When there is passion, things are easier. I am also passionate about teaching and blogging. This makes teaching very pleasant for me.

    Good Luck

    Jose Antonio

  37. Marvin Castro

    hi!!!! my objectives is finish the university, wind the master in bussines. I hope chance my car. i want to go abroad costa rica on vacations.
    Beginner 4

  38. Telma de Leon

    my ambitians is to become a good doctor, and graduating with honors and help more people around me, not only in health but also be a person excited at what I do. telma de leon 200-09

  39. Luisa Fernanda Alvarado

    To conclude my courses with good notes and to come to the goal that is to graduate of administratrix of companies. Children fulfil me as woman to marry and to have see them to grow and to be an example for them.

  40. Hey we all have dreams and goals always comply, which we call ambitions, my short-term ambition is to close the curriculum of business administration courses, and can graduate next year and pursue a Masters or MBA specialization.

  41. Janet Aguirre Chávez

    Hello, my name is Janet Aguirre, I studying english in the University Mariano Gálvez, I hope to get the degree of master in administration, I’m going to study very much for to achieve in this year. I´ve worked a lot of time in marketing, I’d like to be a specialist in this area. I’m thinking to study a MBA in te Catholic University of Chile or Perú, depending on my economic posibilities.
    My dream is to be a marketing manager of a company know worldwide, I´d like to have a good salary to buy me a house in the peruvian beach and to live there with my husband and my son.

  42. sergio garcia

    I hope to complete my studies of English and aspire to study a masters in international business. Having a house to share good times with my family.

  43. Juan Piedrasanta

    I hope get a good job, and go to Spain and see a football game between Barcelona vs Real Madrid, I want finish my carrer and study a Master Bussines Administration in Chile. I want to get a better life and get a puppy.

  44. Wilder Monterroso

    My ambition this year is finish my MBA in the university Mariano Galvez de Guatemala, graduate in system ingineering, create my own business in the future, a beautiful house in a safe area for my family, my wife and my childrens.

  45. Jennifer Gonzalez

    I think there is always a dream and a goal we want to achieve, mine is graduating from the University of Auditor, following a Masters in Financial Management and become a professional reconocina for my work and effort.

  46. layan

    emmm well for me am tryin my best to get high marks in my last year at school because i want to get the scholarship so i can join any university i want …. ofcourse in america …. and i also wanna be amaster vilin player in the future ….. i hope so cause i adore violin ….and one last thing i am so good atpainting an drawing so0 i wanna be like paplo picaso …wo0o0o00ow i hope all my dream come true ….and wish u all thesame ..
    good luck 🙂

  47. Johnb682

    Several of these games are worth some time and are actually quite fun. dbagdbgfakde

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