My Favorite City

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From what we have been discussing in class, I realized that many of you like living in Brasília and some of you have a favorite city other than Brasília. What do like about it? Is it the weather, the people, the traffic, the architecture? Compare your favorite city to Brasília or Brasília to any other city in Brazil and give us some reasons why you like or don´t like it.



  1. Alberto Leite Câmara

    I like Brasília because it’s my home town, my friends live here, there are a lot of oportunitties to work, places to study, places to have fun, and good restaurants. The people that arrive here reclaim about wheather, but I used to. I don’t like very much to go to beach to take a sun, but I like very much to swim, so I think that I miss this here. Natal is a place in Brazil that I would like come back to visit, because It’s a Beautiful place, and the people is more friendly than people in Brasília. But I love my home town, especially, Taguatinga.

    Jose Antônio Jun 18th 2007 at 9:40 pm

    Dear Câmara,

    Different from you, I am not from Brasília originally. I have been living here just for 3 years now and I really enjoy it. I do not have much problem with the weather. Of course at this time of year it gets too dry, but it is ok. I agree with you that people are warmer in other places, however I have made good friends here.

    thanks for your comments

  2. Felipe Alcantara(Top Flex 2 - Taguatinga)

    I love Rio de Janeiro! Different from Brasilia, Rio is a special place because of the friendly people, the lots of places to travel, to take pictures, to rest and of course to join. The weather is excellent too… nice to rest in Petrópolis or hot to join on the beach. In case of Brasilia… its easy to find unpolite people (its the Candango’s way of life…); the dry weather is horrible and when we wanna go to a place for fun… probably it’s a shopping cente we have in mind…
    Since I’m here in Brasilia, I like to annoing some friends with a explanation of this place…
    It’s simple: From the window of a airplane you can see a great part of Brasilia… Burned plants, red soil and a very, very, very and very (so) bad feeling in the air (because of the temperature…^^). The only explanation is: Devil has stayed here… sorry, people!

    José Antônio // Jun 18th 2007 at 9:53 pm
    Dear Alcantara,
    I am not a carioca myself, but I have to say that Rio is gift of God. It is definetely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Like you said, there are lots of things to do and lots of beautiful places to visit.
    Your joke about Brasilia must reallly annoy the candangos. I kind of like here, and for me, the weather is not that bad. Besides that, I have never seen such a beautiful skyline. The mornings in Brasilia are unique as are the sunsets.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Edinamar Bertuol

    My favorite city is Brasília because there are a lot of opportunities for my life.

    Jose Antonio // Jul 26 2007 at 10:40 am

    Hi Edinamar,
    I agree with you. I also love Brasília, especially because of the job and study opportunities it offers to us.
    Thanks for you comment.

  4. Jose Carlos Quinaglia

    My favorite City is Brasilia.
    I was born in São Paulo and I came to Brasilia when I was seventeen . studied medicine in University of Brasilia and I made my especialization in cardiology in the Army Hospital. I got married in 1978, so my children grew up here . I like Iate Club because there are a lot of sports for me and my family. I also like the good restaurants and one or two times a week my wife and I have lunch in the Piantela. All the time we have conversation with my friends. I went back to the University of Brasilia to make my post graduation. I dont’t think of returning to SP.

    Jose Antonio Jul 26th 2007 at 10:45 am
    Hi José Carlos
    I was wondering how different Brasília was from what it is now when you came here from São Paulo. I think medicine is a wonderful career. It is intresting to observe how our life story is connected to the cities we live in as life goes by. You see, 4 years ago Brasília was just a city on the map. Nowadays it is very important to me. Of course I am still not so familiar and intergrated to the city life as you are. From the way you wrote about it I could see you really love the city and woud not really go back to São Paulo.
    Thanks for sharing
    Jose Antonio

  5. Doramelia

    Doramelia // Aug 22nd 2007 at 9:10 pm

    Did you ever hear about Capitólio? It!s a clean and lovely town. Not far from of Belo Horizonte. It has a very nice and friendly people with good markets and very interesting shops where you can find everything you want like in the big towns. There are no buildings over there, only houses.
    The Capitólio’s countryside has wonderful farms with green forests and long pastures to the milk’s cattle.
    Nearby Capitólio there is another spectacular place called Lake’s Scarps. A beatiful lake is there and the people love travelling of launch visting the canyons. Around the lake you can see beatiful houses
    and many persons, who live in Belo Horizonte spend the weekend there.
    Knowing those two towns is a wonderful thing to do.
    José Antônio Aug 22nd 2007 at 10:12 pm
    Hi Doramélia,
    I have never heard of Capitólio. It does sound like a wonderful city. It might be, especially because it is in Minas and people in Minas Gerais are generally do friendly. The place really seems to be a nice choice for a vacation. When you started describing it, it remimded me of my childhood spent in a farm. I remember I just loved the green pastures and the farm animals. I can still feel the sweet breeze and listen to the wind blowing through the trees. It does sound like a marvelous palce to spend a weekend. I think people of Belo Horizonte are so fortunate to have a place like this.
    Thanks a lot Doramélia for sharing this
    José Antônio

  6. Elisângela Pinheiro

    Hi friends,
    I think that all the cities there are beauty and ugliness things. Depend of the view. I like cities that there is good places to walk, like park with garden, lakes, places with many trees. I don’t know Capitólio, but it looks like a good place to visit.
    José Antônio // Aug 23rd 2007 at 7:05 am
    Hi Elisângela,
    You are right. Beauty and ugliness is a feature of all cities. No one city is perfect. Green areas are fundamental to make cities more beautiful and enjoyable.
    Thanks for your comments

  7. Marcello Coimbra

    Hello friends!
    More beautiful and green than Brasilia, it`s impossible. I love this City. Here i made a lot of friends, study and opened my store. But i like when i can to travel to other cities. in January i went to Fortaleza, it`s a beautiful city and have great beaches, with warm water. Than we, me and my girlfriend, take a ship and went to Natal, we think there could be better. After in Fernando de Noronha we enjoied a lot, there are great and beautiful beaches, good restaurants and friendly people. And the last city where we stayed, before coming back to Fortaleza, it`s Recife, we rent a car and travelled to Porto de Galinhas, it was great, we knew a restaurant called Beijupira, delicius food. To travel is my favourite hobby.
    Thanks, and sorry my mistakes.
    José Antônio // Aug 29th 2007 at 07:38 am
    Hi Marcelo,
    I think we all share a love for this beautiful and green city of Brasília. You have definetely traveled quite a lot. I have never been tot Fernando de Noronha. I have a friend who has visited the place and he said it is wonderful. Traveling and sampling the food as you did sounds like a fantastic vacation.
    Thanks for sharing your traveling itinerary with us. About the mistakes, do not worry. Learning involves making some mistakes.
    All the best

  8. Rogerio Magalhaes Nunes

    My favorite city is Brasilia, because I was born here and I love this city.
    This city has big spaces for children, a big park, good restaurants, a beautiful lake. My best friends, my brother, my grandfather and my grandmother live here.
    I knew my wife here and my children were born here to.
    This city gave me many opportunities for work. I think Brasilia has a very good quality of life. In the weekends I run and my children follow me with their bikes from my home (111 south) to the club (Iate).
    I meet with my friends in the club, in the parties and in their houses.
    José Antônio // Aug 29th 2007 at 07:47 am
    Hi Rogério,
    I see you have a lot of reasons to enjoy living in Brasília. As you told us about the things you do on the weekend. It does seem like a lot of fun running having you children follow you and then joining your friends at the club. Besides that, you have a nice personal history in Brasília. Congratulations.
    Thanks for sharing

  9. maura

    My favorite city is Brasilia. I live here since 1975.
    My children were born and grew up in Brasilia. When they were kids we use to go the “Park of the City” frequentetly. They loved the toys. My children graduated in UNB. They are engeneer and they work with my husband. He is a engeneer too.
    Brasilia is a good city for family and a good place for work because here we have many opportunities.
    José Antônio Oct 8th 2007 at 10:33 pm
    Hi Maura,
    I agree with you that Brasília is a great city. Really nice to know how well you feel in Brasília. this city seemed to have given you a lot of happiness. I like Brasília too. As you know I have not been here for a long time, but I have learned to love this city.
    Thanks a lot for your comments.

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