May Day or Labor Day

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Did you know that? “Labor Day is a United States federal holiday that takes place on the first Monday in September. The holiday began in 1882, originating from a desire by the Central Labor Union to create a day off for the “working man”. It is still celebrated mainly as a day of rest.” Wikipedia

“May Day(May1) refers to various socialist and labor movement celebrations conducted on May 1, unrelated to the traditional celebrations, to commemorate the Haymarket martyrs of 1886 and the international socialist movement generally. The latter event is an important holiday in Communist and Socialist countries.” Besides that ” May Day is May 1, and refers to any of several holidays celebrated on this day. May 1 was a traditional summer holiday in many pre-Christian European pagan cultures, and many elements of these holidays are still celebrated on May 1 today, such as the Maypole”  Wikipedia

How about you? What does working mean to you? What does your job mean to you? What do you like best about the job you do? What kind of job would you like to have?



  1. Felipe Alcantara(Top Flex 2 - Taguatinga)

    I think working is a kind of freedom and a chance for me, because it was the way I used to left my parent’s house and live alone. My job nowadays has a bad reputation in Brazil, cause of the airport events, some of my work-friends could taste a type of Inquisition, but its a great job, with a lot of important features, rules and fast mind strategy. Not the payment, sure… It’s difficult to say, but my work give me a little power… I give commands and the others obey… something like that… its great, its wonderfull, but its all… I hate working on weekends and holydays… and I think I don’t earn enough money doing that, so I’m looking for a job that pays me better and with better schedule, like public employee for example.

    Jose Antonio // May 2nd 2007 at 11:18 pm
    Dear Felipe,
    I like your idea of connecting work with freedom and independence. You also mentioned the responsability involved in your work and the injustice your work category has been a victim of. The world can be very unfair sometimes, but at the end of the day, the ones who really count can recognize the competence and dedication of good professionals.
    Jose Antonio

  2. Alberto Câmara (Top Flex 1 - Taguatinga)

    I am crazy about work and study. Then I think that working is the best way to improve my skills and became the world best. Like my friend Alcântara, I’m air traffic controler. I love this work, but nowadays it’s impossible to work there. We are guilt by something that we don’t have authority or power to change. The last episode happened in our job is the prove that the militar enviroment is difficult to try became better the our service. But I hope that the brazilian people understand what we want is give our best and safe to our customers.

    Jose Antonio // May 8th 2007 at 10:44 pm (edit)

    Dear Câmara, ( I think I got too used to call you by your last name)
    I did noticed how crazy you are about studying and working. You are always taking some kind of course. As teacher, I do admire that, because we teachers never stop studying, and most of us, me included, are just crazy about what they do. And just like you in your job, we also face our share of challenges, but we never give up.
    Thanks for sharing
    Jose Antonio

  3. Ana Emília

    In my opinion, working means personal accomplishment. My job means devotion, sacrifice and stress. I am retired, but I liked best the sexual education classes. I would like to work as scientist in biology labs.

    Jose Antonio // May 21st 2007 at 08:30 am

    Dear Ana Emília,
    I definetely agree with you on the personal accomplishment value of working. Devotion is also a very beautiful and true word to use referring to a job. I think that working in the end is so rewarding that we forget the stress it brings.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Cátia Araújo

    Hi, José Antônio
    Are you ok?
    Well, to me working mean many things but some of them are personal increase and accomplishment.
    Nowadays, I don’t work , I’m housewife and I work very hard because I have to be wife, mom and student but I like a lot to do that.
    Of course, that I would like to have another job like: social service, stylist, designer I don’t know, any profession that make me feel better.
    Jose Antônio // May 22nd 2007 at 10:00 pm
    Hi Cátia,
    I am just great. Thank you. About what you said aboutwoking, I agree with that it represents a chance for personal development. I think being a housewife, besides being enormously important four yor children and husband, is one of the most difficault jobs because, like you said, you have do a lot of things at the same time. Besides that, you are also a student (a good one).
    Your ideal jobs are really cool.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Marco Antônio - TopFlex 2 - Taguatinga

    Hi José Antônio,
    I believe that the work is the life of anyone. We spend eight or more hours of the day in the work. These are concentrated hours more of the day. So, They in allow very great a personal and professional growth them.
    I working at the CEB, in the engineering area . I loves my work. Nowadays, I am making a after-graduation in the area .
    I think that my work is good. It could be better if I was working in Uberaba.
    Jose Antonio // May 29th 2007 at 09:21 pm
    Hi Marco Antônio
    This is a very nice and true way to put it. I agree wiht you that our life without work would be meaningless. As you very well said it, we spend a big part of our lives working. I do know how much you love and the amount of time yo dedicate to your work in traveling and investing in your personal growth. This is the way to go. A positive attitude towards working make a big difference.
    Thanks for sharing

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