Food glorious food

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As follow up to our class tonight and to our last pizza feast, I decided to make you hungry. Dessert makes me very hungry. I also love a good Brazilian barbecue and so many kinds of food. And you, what kinds of food do you like? I can cook just about one or two dishes. I can make chocolate chip cookies and they are pretty good. I have to confess I am a little lazy when it comes to cooking. And you, can you cook?If so, what is your specialty?



  1. Jose, you really make everyone feel very hungry.

    I do like cooking but really don’t have enough time for that. My husband does that better than me. Anyway, the easiest dish to cook is Mlyntsi (pancakes with jam).
    200g of flour, 2 eggs, 1 tbsp of butter, 1 bottle (0.5 litre) of milk, a piece of pig lard. 2 tbsp of sugar, a bit of salt, a glass of jam (any), butter for brushing ready pancakes, sour cream.

    Rub together the yolks of the eggs, sugar and salt in a bowl. Add milk and stir thoroughly, pour the melted butter. Stirring continuously, pour the mixture slowly into the bowl with flour, stirring in order to crush the lumps. Before starting frying the pancakes, add eggs whisked to froth.

    Heat the frying pan. Brush it with any fat. Put some batter on a frying pan, turning it so that batter makes a thin layer. (Don’t put too much batter on a frying pan) Put a frying pan on the fire. As soon as one side of the pancake becomes yellow (and slightly reddish), turn it upside down with a broad knife or a spatula. When the pancake is ready put it on a plate on the top of the previous.

    When all the pancakes are fried, put in the middle of each pancake half a teaspoonful of jam, and fold it two times. Put the folded pancakes into a small pot. Sprinkle melted butter on each layer of the pancakes in the pot.Cover with a lid and put into the oven for 10 minutes (immediately before serving). Serve hot mlyntsi with sour cream.

    It’s really delicious.


    Jose Antonio on March 24th at 08:20 pm replied

    Hi Nina,

    Thanks a lot for the recipe. We teachers never have enough time to cook. We are too much involved in cooking things on our computers. I love pancakes and your recipe made me drool. I will try the recipe you’ve given and see how it works.
    We happen to have a teacher in the school where I work who cooks wonderful pancakes also.

    Thanks for sharing this worderful recipe

    Jose Antonio

  2. I have now drooled all over my computer 😉
    What a great idea to make pictures of the different kinds of food! I’ve heard that Brasilian beef is very good, and it’s often served in the restaurants here in Switzerland. I personally like the Swiss speciality – raclette, which is melted cheese over boiled potatoes. You eat salad (green or carrot) with it and often cook bacon or onions on the cheese. To do this you use a special electric table grill.
    Have you ever had anything like this before? Is there something like this in Brasil?
    Greetings from Switzerland

    Jose Antonio on March 24th at 08:29 pm replied
    Hi Illya,

    Thanks for your comments. It is true, our beef is simply the best. We have the habit of throwing barbecue gatherings and grill beef to friends and family. It is really superb. However, I am very fond of sweets and I think that Switzerland is really a champion when comes to chocolate and the like. Raclete sounds delicious and it reminds of an experience I had in England. I was eating out with an English friend who happened to be a vegetarian. I ordered beef and something and he ordered a baked potato. I thought to myself “Only that??!! Vegetarians!!” When our dishes finally came, I got my beef and he got a wonderful huge baked potato with melted cheese on top. I had never drooled so much in my life and never forgot that potato. Now you made drool again when you mentioned the raclette. Hope I will get to try it one day.

    Thanks for sharing
    Jose Antonio

  3. Alberto Câmara (Top Flex 1 - Taguatinga)

    Nina Lyulkun, thanks for recipt. My girlfriend make a delicious pancakes, she said to me the receipt, but I ever forget.

    I love eat, somebody saw in our last pizza feast. The pizza, it’s my favourite dish. However, I like very much of sweets. I used to ask to my girlfriend to make a mousse . She makes divinous desserts.

    I try to cook, but I’m not still a chef. In the last month I make a carrot cake, It was a delicious. My Mother, my sister and my girlfriend like very much it. It finished in one day, I eat too.

    Three months ago, I make a past to the oven – penne gratinado -, only me and my grilfriend ate, and She loved it. Then when we traveled, she asked to me to make again at the her aunt’ house . Everebody liked very much of my pasta at the oven.

    I’m not a specialist, but when I’ve time I want to learn many recipts about pastas. I’m very interested in italian culinary.

    Jose Antonio on March 24th at 08:44 pm replied

    Dear Camara,

    You are not alone in forgetting recipes. I do that all the time (maybe because I am too lazy when it comes to cooking). You are better than me, though. I cannot make a cake, Itried along time ago, but it did not work. I can cook pasta, but certainly it is not as good as yours. I agree with you. Cooking requires time and patience.

    Thanks for sharing
    Jose Antonio

  4. Alberto Câmara (Top Flex 1 - Taguatinga)

    Hi, Illya!

    It’s a pleasure have you here. I never saw nothing like raclette in Brazil. It’s seem to be a delicious dish, when I’ve opportunity to go a Switzerland I will ask for this.

    Greetings from Brazil


  5. Lúcio (GO)

    Hi Joseph…

    Yeah… Cooking…
    I always wanted to learn how to cook, do the basics, and of course prepare some special meal too… But I never found anyone to teach me.
    Who knows one day I´ll be a good cooker. I hope so.

    See ya my freind.


  6. Hi Lúcio,

    Learning how to cook is a challenge, at least for me. Maybe with time you will get to learn some cooking skills. I hope I can achieve that too. I always think there is great pleasure in cooking a special meal to family and friends.

    Jose Antonio

  7. Hi , José!
    It´s lunch time and the pictures in your slide show just made me hungrier!
    Unfortunately, I´m not a good cook 😦
    I also love sweets. But as I can´t cook those delicious treats ,I go to the nearest bakery and buy lots of them to eat at home with my family!!!
    I just have to keep an eye on the scales!
    Congratulations on your blog!
    It look really nice!
    Doris Soares- Rio de Janeiro.

  8. Hi Doris,

    Thanks for you comments. I am glad I can make people hungry with pictures. My food certainly would get the same effect.
    Sweets are definetely a winner. I just can’t resist them. It is good to have someone from Rio posting here. I think Rio is a wonderful city.

    Big hug
    José Antônio

  9. Felipe Alcantara(Top Flex 1 - Taguatinga)

    Our blog grows each day… Welcome! Its cool!!!

    By the way, I’m really newbye if I need to talking about cook, I know several common recipes, but I prefer that others cook and I help them to eat… My fiancée cooks very… very… very well!!! She knows how to prepare Brazilian Northeast dishes and I love it… I’m a luck guy, don’t you agree???

    Now I want to use all my experiency about cook ( ó.Ò ) to say inportant tips:
    – Chinese people says that in each food dish, there’s the right amount of salt…
    -If someone “did” have the hard work to make a tomato sauce for the spaghetti… don’t ask for ketchup… this typpe of person could become agressive…
    -Never (I said never!) eat wasabi,” a japany horseradish”, like pistachio ice cream… its not the same… trust me…

    To answer one of the questions: I love eat pasta and PIZZA is the perfect dish in my opinion…

    Nina thanks for the recipe… I think I’m going to eat “Mlyntsi” this weekend… ^^

  10. Hi Alcantara,

    I agree that our blog is growing fast and this encourages us to visit it and share our ideas. That is the spirit and I am happy that you are always giving your precious contributions. Thanks for sharing some sayings about food that I haven’t heard of.
    As far as recipes are concerned I am still a specialist in eating.

    José Antönio

  11. Hi Jose,
    This all looks so good and delicious! I want some of those! 🙂

    Here is a small website with Portuguese recipes from my former students.
    Beijinhos from the UK

  12. Hi Chris,

    It is very nice having you visiting us in our blog.
    I have visited your students’ website and your the Portuguese recipes are really mouth watering. In the social gatherings we have here at Casa Thomas Jefferson, we always have sangrias. It is really great.

    Hugs from Brazil


  13. bleiva2003

    Hi Jose Antonio, another master creation. Thanks so much for sharing. You have handled WordPress on your own very well, congratulations. That was the platform we used for the Open Webpublishing session at EVO this year. I has fantastic features but some limitations as well … well, nothing is perfect, right?
    I took the liberty of giving your name to a graduate student here in Toronto who might have Brazilian subjects in his master´s thesis. He was not sure if he was going to be able to go to Brazil itself or not. So you know.
    All the best, Berta

    Jose Antonio // Mar 28th 2007 at 08:50 pm

    Hi Berta,

    Thanks for your comments and for mentioning me to this student. It will be pleasure to help him if he needs.
    About this platform, I am a great fan of wordpress, and the limitations it has challenge me to do the best I can and I always learn with it. Like you said, nothing is perfect.

    Thanks a lot
    Jose Antonio

  14. celso henrique

    I like very much of regional food , mainly the “goiana” and “mineira” food, from the states with same name in my country, Brasil. one the examples delicious is “country” chicken.

    I lived alone during some time and this moment taught me to cook. Then, I know how to cook the essential: such as rice and beans, salads, vegetables, meat and chicken, pasta with cheese.

    Recently, I learned to do “feijão tropeiro”. it is delicious!! To do this, it is necessary: bacon, Calabrian sausage, collard greens, eggs, onion, black pepper and beans, sure.

    You should follow the following stages:
    1 – cook bean, leaving it a little hard
    2 – fry bacon, after fry calabrian sausage
    3 – fry the eggs
    4 – to sauté the collard greens
    5 – in the same pot that you fried the bacon add the bean and others ingredients

    Ready, it is just serve!

    Jose Antonio // Mar 28th 2007 at 08:42 pm replied

    Dear Celso,

    As a real “goiano”, I also love our regional food. The typical food of Goiás and Minas Gerais is just great, as you said.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe of feijão tropeiro, which is delicious. I see that the experience of livingalone really taught you somethng about cooking.

    Big hug
    Jose Antonio

  15. Cátia

    Hi, Teacher J. Antônio
    I love cooking, I make a delicious lasanha but my speciality are desserts like: lemon cake, and a great sweet with milk and eggs named ambrosia that everybody to eat like a lot.

    Jose Antonio // Mar 29th 2007 at 05:40 am

    Dear Cátia,

    Wow! I am impressed. You made me hungry. I love lasangna,and ambrosia for dessert is just perfect. I used to make ambrosia for my family when I was in my early twenties and they loved it. It is a a delicious desertif your specilaty is dessert.

    All the best

  16. Nina

    I came late to this conversation, but I have enjoyed it! The food pictures made my mouth water, even though I just had lunch! Everybody loves to eat! Too bad we have to rein ourselves in!

    Good luck to Jose Antonio’s English students, both with English and with cooking!

    Nina (in Maryland, USA)

    Jose Antonio // Mar 31st 2007 at 7:18 pm

    Dear Nina,

    It is never late to have some good exchange or some good food. It is true the pictures and the recipes make us hungry. If you happen to come ot Brasília one day, we would take you to good restaurant for you to try our feijoada and our feijão tropeiro. Have ever tried them?
    I am reallyfortunate to have such great students.

    Thanks a lot
    Jose Antonio

  17. Claudia Bellusci

    Hi, Jose Antonio and students!
    I came to your blog attracted by this new slideshow tool and I found you’re doing a great job here! Wonderful pictures and interesting discussion topics. I read your exchange about Brazil and I felt we Argentinians say bout the same things about our country: we love it but people sometimes make it hard to live in it!
    As for food, I’m keen on eating good food. I’m crazy about sweet things and when it comes to cooking, though I’m rather lazy and `pressed for time, I prefer making cakes. My specialties: lemon pie and coconut pie (with “dulce de leche”, the perfect combination!). Sorry I can’t remember the Portuguese word for “dulce de leche”!
    All the best,

    Jose Antonio // Apr 1st 2007 at 1:55 pm

    Dear Claudia,

    I am really happy that you enjoyed the discussions we are having. My students are really great and the encouragement of this supportive online community makes us to put an extra effort into our postings and comments. I know you guys in argentina have also had your share of frustrations with your government, just like us here in Brazil.
    Talking about food, your desserts sound great. We say “doce de leite”. I just love doce de leite with white cheese.

    Thanks for sharing
    Abraços from Brazil
    Jose Antonio

  18. Frederico Felipe topflex taguá

    I don’t know how to cook, but I love to eat!!!!! I like lasagna, hamburguer, french fries, barbecue and pizza. Everybody deserves delicious food!!!

    Jose Antonio Apr 2nd 2007 at 10:35 am

    Dear Frederico,

    You are just like me. I am also good at eating. I just hope this experience can help me ot become a good cook one day.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Jose Antonio

  19. Hi, Jose and everybody participating in this delicious disscusion. I’m from Venezuela and in my country… one of the greater pleasures is to get together with friends and have a meal over chatting, and hugging or sometimes arguments. Families get together on weekends and everybody brings something delicious to share. I know you guys in Brazil have this mouthwatering dish called Feijoada… It’s in our English book…. we have something called Pabellon Criollo. Your feijoada is like our caraotas negras… black beans cooked with some pork… sometimes they’re cooked with a little sugar… depending on the region of the country.. in Maracaibo we like our caraotas negras with salt. Also, Pabellon includes, some rice, shreded beef and plaintain slides… that is called pabellon with barandas. Nina’s pancakes sound delicious…so I might try to prepare them this weekend.

    Keep on shining! and warm hugs!

  20. Hi Dear Doris,

    Thanks a lot for making our discussion even more delicous. I still haven’t had a chance to try any Venezuelan dishes. The ones you have mentioned sound really good.
    About the socializing involved in sharinng food, I tottaly agree with you. Sitting at the table is what promotes such warm atmosphere for sharing. Here at the school where I work, the Saturday brunch is one of our most cherished moments.
    Warm hugs and thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Jose Antonio

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