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Brazil is a country of many faces, millions I would say. There as many Brazils as there are Brazilians. What do you like and what do you dislike about our country? What are in your opinion the good things and bad things about Brazil and being a Brazilian? Please, leave your comments.



  1. Alberto Câmara (Top Flex 1 - Taguatinga)

    There are many good and bad things that I can say about my country. The good things are the people that are very friendly, funny and hot. I like too very much of the Brazil nature. Here we have a beautiful beaches, waterfall and a diversity of plants and animals. Unfortunately, our life philosophy that we can get everything of someway, implicate in corruption, principle in our politic. There are many social problems too, like a poverty, violence and others. But I love my country.

  2. Yes Câmara,
    I agree with you. Brazil is a beautiful country that is many times ruined by the corruption of our politicians. Jus like you, I also love Brazil and Brazilian people. They are really warm and a very friendly.

  3. celso henrique

    I agree with you too. Beyond the natural beauties, the many forms of the cultural manifestations in differents places are many interesting. For examplo, there are: musics, dances, carnaval, eaten typical, etc… This things helping to do the happier people

  4. Jose Antonio

    Hi Celso
    Our natural beauties are spectacular. And, like you have said, we are also very rich in cultural manifestations. The happyness of our people is really contagious.

    all the best

  5. Ana Emília

    I like very much of my country, but the violence is impossible. I like the people, nature, popular party and beach. I dislike the government, they are destroing our belief.

  6. Dear Ana Emília,

    It is true. I also get very said when I think about the problem of violence in my country. Our people and parties are just the best. And like you said, the government is not doing its part and making us doubt if we do have a chance of being the great country we deserve to be.

    Big hug
    Jose Antonio

  7. Felipe Alcantara (Top Flex 1 - Taguatinga)

    I think Brazil is a special place… but with wrong people, cause here we have several native people who divinng our country each day… like a joke that I learn a year ago about a conversation with a dead person (a disaster victim) and God… and the person asked him why his country (not brazil) has a lots of natural disasters every year and in Brazil don’t… and God answered him: Just wait… you’ll see the kind of people I’ll put there…

    Jose Antonio on March 20th at 2:50 pm replied

    Dear Felipe,

    I agree with you that Brazil is a special place. Like you said, it is being ruined by some of our people that are the cause of many disasters (unnatural disasters). The joke you told soemtimes really represents what happens in Brazil.

    Jose Antonio

  8. Amilton Proença(Top Flex 1 - Taguatinga)

    Brazil is a place that has many diferences. The most most is the finacial differences. There are people that drive an expensive car that maybe cost the same value os big house, but there are people that cannot buy a little bread to eat. The thing most beautifull in Brazil is the beaches. In my country there are a big variety of beaches like Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Maceio and others. Brazil has a terrible violence. However, it`s the place that I love.

  9. Dear Amilton,

    You did touch a very important issue in your post, which is the economic gap, the difference between rich and poor. Yes, unfortunately we have a big difference between haves and have nots in our country. Some people have too much and some do not have enough. And to top it all, as you have put it so well, we have the problem of violence, which is somehow connected to the economic problem.
    Thanks for sharing
    Jose Antonio

  10. Elisabeth Blom

    I’m happily surprised with your bright ideas and the way you express them. Responding to what your teacher suggests is a very good way to practice your written English . You are certainly excellent students. Keep up with the good job!

  11. Dear Jose and students,
    It’s a fascinating blog for you to teach and learn language. You have been doing a very good job.

    I am going to show your blog to my students from Ukraine.

    Stay happy and the best of luck!

    Nina Lyulkun from Ukraine

  12. Dear Nina,

    Thanks a lot for you comments. It will be a pleasure to have your students seeing our blog. My students are really nice and we are having a great time together.

    Greetings from Brazil
    Jose Antonio

  13. An

    Very very nice blog!!!!!!!! Excellent work of all of you!
    I’ll come soon.

    Dear An,

    Thanks for visiting us. We are really proud of our blog. What makes it so nice is the participation of my students and online peers like you. Visit us whenever you want.

    Hugs from Brazil
    Jose Antonio

  14. Jennifer

    Dear Jose and students,

    You have created a great blog!!! I lived in Brazil 7 years and what I really like about your country is that you are happy people. You enjoy life and your beaches are great.

    I am also blogging with my students so it would be great if you visit us:

    My students will visit your blog today and they will tell you different things about their country.

    I´m sure we will both benefit from this experience.

    Jennifer from Argentina

  15. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for you kind comments, especialy for what you have said about our people. We are indeed a happy people and our country has been blessed with a wonderful nature.
    I have had the opportnity to meet some Argentines f2f and online and I was impressed by their kindness, helpfulness, and friendly manners (there is this soccer rivalry, you know, that kind of colored my expectations, but now is all gone).Besides that, I am a big fan of your culture and the good job you have been doing in e-learning, such as using blogs and wikis for teaching.I want to visit Argentina one day and get to know your country better.
    Having you and your students visiting our blog is sure a big honor for me and my students. You are welcome to post comments and we will visit yours as well.

    Big hug
    Jose Antonio

  16. Marta Diniz de Rezende

    Lovely site! Keep up the great work!

  17. Thanks alot Marta,

    It is a pleasure to know you have visited us.

  18. Cátia

    Hello, teacher J.Antônio
    How are you?

    Like all undeveloped countries, in Brazil there are many problems, one of them is public health, the hospital doesn’t have doctors enough to take care of the patients,and one thing that I admire in brazilian people is : despite all , our country is very peaceful.

    Jose Antonio // Mar 29th 2007 at 05:50 am

    Hi Cátia,

    I completely agree with you that one of the biggest problems of our country is public health. If you watch the news, you see people complaining about the problems you have mentioned almost everyday. I also feel proud of the peaceful and friendly nature of our people. But I wonder if we should not be a little more agressive when demanding a better quality of life and respect from our government and authorities.

    Jose Antonio

  19. Frederico Felipe topflex taguá

    Brazil is a very amazing country to live. Here, we have many opportunities to grow. We have chances to know interesting people. But, The Brazilian peoples need more education. Only education can modify the actual situation. The government have its fragment guilt, but the population have your fragment too!!!

    Jose Antonio Apr 2nd 2007 at 10:36 am

    Hi Frederico,

    We Brazilinas are really blessed with all the things you have mentioned. Investment in education is really necessary.

    Thanks a lot
    Jose Antonio

  20. Felipe topflex taguá

    We have a good country to live. Here, we have a good things from nature. Brazil give many opportunities to grow. Brazilian people are amazing and easy to make friends. We have some situations that need improvement like education, health and security. The government have your fragment guilt, but we have too.

    Jose Antonio Apr 2nd 2007 at 10:30 am

    Dear Frederico,

    I completely agree with you that Brazil is a wonderful contry and that it is really easy to make friends with a Brazilian. And, as you said, we are also guilty of the problems we have. We, as citzens, should be more active and participative in solving some of our nation`s problems.

    All the best

    Jose Antonio

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